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  • Sutliff Buttered Rum

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    • Where purchased: Pipe & Cigar Packaging: Bulk Style: Aromatic Tobacco Cut: Ribbon Tobacco Type(s): Burley, Virginia Price: 0.00 Tobacco age when smoked: 10 days Would Recommend: No

    While on my expedition of trying new tobacco's out I came across the Buttered Rum from Sutliff.  It was described as


    a base of superb bright Virginias and nutty white Burley, which is enhanced by a singular blend of buttered New England and tangy Jamaican rums

    in the blurb.  I tend to buy several ounces at a time (4 plus) of any tobacco I get.  That gives me a chance to put some up to come back to later to see if it ages any better.  

    Upon removing the tobacco from the shipping container (a Ziploc bag), I noticed that the tobacco was very light in color and weight, and it had a definite "wet" feeling to it.  I removed the tobacco and placed it in one of my storage jars and removed enough to fill 1/2 of a half pint jar to allow it to dry somewhat.  I took a small sample out (approximately 2 pinches) to try and found that it had somewhat of a bite to it.  It was also difficult to maintain a light to.  I was constantly having to touch it up.

    After allowing the tobacco to air dry for about 30 minutes I filled another bowl.  Upon lighting I found that I could not keep it going.  I had packed this tobacco like my others in that it was firm but not tight and had a somewhat restricted draw.   I ended up emptying the tobacco out and refilling the bowl, which I lightly packed.  This bowl had no issues maintaining being lit.  In fact, the flavor profile of the tobacco was much better also with the easier draw.

    During the smoking of this bowl I got faint hints in the flavor of the rum.  The occasional retro-inhale I would get was an overall pleasing but not overpowering one.


    This will be one of those tobaccos I'll probably have on hand for the off-chance I'd like something different, but it will not be one that I buy in my normal larger quantities (1-3 pounds) to cellar. One or two pint jars should suffice for me for a time.  As I empty one I will refill it again.

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