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  • Peterson Connoisseur's Choice

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    • Where purchased: Pipe & Cigar Packaging: Bulk Style: Aromatic Tobacco Cut: Ribbon Tobacco Type(s): Cavendish, Virginia Price: 4.00 Pipe used: Petersons 999 Rhodesian Tobacco age when smoked: 1 month Would Recommend: Yes

    Purchased some of this to try out in my new Peterson pipe.  

    First thing I noticed upon opening is the tobacco is "damp" and has a very pleasant (and strong) odor of fruits.


    I removed some from the mason jar I had stored it in and let it dry out for about 20 minutes and then loosely packed it in a new Peterson 999 Rhodesian I had recently purchased.  Upon the charring light I immediately noticed a pleasant odor.  Have to wait a minute to see if it transposes over to the actual smoking until I light up for the adventure. Upon lighting the tobacco fully I'm assaulted with a very pleasant vanilla & fruit odor with a slight tinge of what smells like a good rum.  Draw my first mouthful of smoke and I'm in heaven.  I've found nirvana in a briar bowl.


    I slowly sip on the pipe and enjoy the flavors that are coming through, some fruit with a hint of vanilla.  I hear my wife walk by in the hallway and then she turns around and asks "What's that, it sure does smell good!".  I can't help but agree with her - even with me smoking it I can sense the distinct and pleasing room aroma.


    After smoking this bowl and testing out another I figure I need to let it air a little longer as I am getting some tongue bite - but not sure if it's because the tobacco needs to dry or me being a pig and sucking the flavors in faster.   After the second bowl the wife and I decide to head out to a local pub for a bite to eat.  

    Perfect timing, as I've still got some of this good stuff drying a little more. Place it in my tobacco pouch and off we go to the pub, where we place our order and then sit outside awaiting it's arrival.  I light up a pipe full and within a matter of minutes I've got a young lady and her friend coming by the table asking what it is that I'm smoking.  I tell them and they can't stop talking about how great it smells.  One of them mentions that her dad smokes a pipe and she's got to get him some because what he smokes "stinks". :D


    One thing I have found with this tobacco is it likes to be treated "gently".  Don't over pack it, don't puff like a train on it and you will be rewarded.  It does need to be aired out some prior to smoking, but it is a nice beginners tobacco and great for those that smoke around those with delicate noses that don't like most other tobaccos.


    I liked this tobacco well enough that when we got home I ordered another 32 ounces to cellar.  




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