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  • Mac Baren 7 Seas Royal


    • Where purchased: Pipe & Tobacco Packaging: Tin Style: Aromatic Tobacco Cut: Ribbon Tobacco Type(s): Cavendish, Virginia Room Note: Medium Tobacco age when smoked: Upon delivery Would Recommend: Yes

    I recently purchased a tin of this from Pipe & Tobacco.

    I'm new to pipes after a lengthy hiatus.  I've smoked cigars (full strength preferred), so I'm used to a more in your face impact than what pipes typically give.



    This is a mild blend, and Mac Baren describes it as such. The flavor is described as having vanilla and honey. I agree that it is a very mild smoke, both in tobacco and aromatic flavor compared to what I'm used to.

    Upon opening the tin I was impressed with the odor that wafted up to my nostrils.  It was very pleasing and not overpowering in the least.  I portioned some out to dry a bit (it was rather damp when I first opened the tin). 

    After packing it in the pipe and lighting it up, the odor was very nice.  Even my wife commented on how good it smelled.

    During the smoking, I did not notice any harshness nor tongue bite to it.  I found that it packs and lights easily, and stays lit without much effort. 

    It was a very pleasant smoke - in fact so much so that after 3 pipes I've ordered 8 ounces in bulk of it to place into my goody bin.  It will definitely be on my list of tobaccos I'll always have on hand.

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    Price (USD): $10.56
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    Guest Raynoch


    I have hardly any sense of smell (both before during and after the smoking years). I always assumed that soihmetng was messed up in that area because I have very little sense of taste either (or too much depending on who you believe)

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