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  • Lane Black Raspberry

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    • Where purchased: Pipes & Cigar Packaging: Bulk Style: Aromatic Tobacco Cut: Ribbon Tobacco Type(s): Burley, Cavendish, Virginia Price: 2.25 Tobacco age when smoked: 7 days Would Recommend: Yes

    I have been a fan of Lane 1Q and RLP-6 since I started smoking pipes recently.  I'd been hunting for a "berry" flavor for a while and saw where Lane had one called Black Raspberry.

    I decided to give it a try, and on the off chance I'd like it I purchased this in a bulk quantity (8 ounces) from Pipe & Cigar, along with several other tobaccos.  Upon opening the bag to transfer it into the Ball mason jar (I'm  using these for bulk storage) the odor of the tobacco was not exactly pleasant.  It had a somewhat "acrid" odor to it, which I now believe was due to the aromatics and that the original package it came from being freshly opened (this shipped in a Ziploc style bag to me) prior to getting it ready to be shipped.


    This tobacco is described as having a fruity/citrus flavor.  It also has a distinct room odor - in fact, so distinct that my wife came into the computer room where I was smoking my first bowl full asking "What is that you are smoking?".  I told her what it was and she told me to get more of it, that it smelled really good. :ani-2thumbsup:

    I didn't tell her that I had already bought 8 ounces on the chance that I'd like it since I liked the other Lane lines that I had tried.


    This tobacco came "wet" and needed about 30 minutes of air time before I found it acceptable.  I had tried a bowl straight out of the mason jar (where it was packed upon delivery), then after letting some air out about 10 minutes, then the next 20 minutes.  Thirty minutes seemed the sweet spot to me.

    The first bowl was very damp and hard to keep lit.  I had also packed it firm.  This bowl required constant relights and the flavor profile was not really pleasant - had quite a bit of bite to it.  

    The second bowl was packed firmly also and I had less issues with keeping it lit and the fruity flavor was more noticeable, with very little harshness.

    The third bowl (aired out about 30 minutes) was packed a little looser than the others.  It was much easier to light and keep lit and the flavors really started to come through.  The smoke was noticeably more flavorful.


    This tobacco is fairly one dimensional.  It would most likely be an excellent mixing tobacco but is also fine for an all-day smoker for some.  There is no noticeable tongue bite when allowed to dry.


    I've decided that this will definitely be one of the tobaccos that I keep on hand at all times.

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