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  • Hearth & Home Signature Larry's Blend


    • Where purchased: Pipes & Cigar Packaging: Bulk Style: Balkan Tobacco Cut: Loose Cut Tobacco Type(s): Latakia, Orientals, Turkish, Virginia Room Note: Distinct Pipe used: Thomas Cristiano Tobacco age when smoked: 1 month Would Recommend: Yes

    I was a little hesitant about this tobacco as I was not familiar with mixtures with any orientals in them.  After getting 12 ounces in (bulk) I set some aside to allow it to dry additionally.  The shipped tobacco was not damp, but I always like to let it dry for 20-30 minutes before trying a new tobacco if it feels "damp".


    This tobacco is milder than WhiteKnight or Darkhouse.  It reminds me somewhat of Dunhills Early Morning, but with what is a nicer flavor profile for my palate.

    I have yet to suffer any "bite" from it.  The flavors are one of my favorite tobacco's so far (and why i've recently ordered another 5 pounds of it in).  There is a slight sour note to the flavor profile (which is not a "bad" thing).  I've had several bowls and all have been consistent, needing a relight here and there but burning very nicely throughout the bowl.


    Definitely one that will be kept on hand as long as I can get it.

    Price (USD): $2.90
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