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  • Hearth & Home Blackhouse 10th Anniversary


    • Where purchased: Pipes & Cigars Packaging: Tin Style: Balkan Tobacco Cut: Ribbon Tobacco Type(s): Cavendish, Dark Fired Kentucky, Latakia, Orientals, Perique, Virginia Room Note: Intense Pipe used: MM Corn Cob Tobacco age when smoked: 1 month Would Recommend: Yes

    If you like the original Blackhouse, then you will probably love the 10th Anniversary version of it.  The aged orientals in it give it a definite boost over the normal tin of Blackhouse.  I've found the 10th Anniversary to have a "smokier" note to it with hints of leather that the original does not have.  The aged Orientals seem to have a more pronounced "sour floral" note to me than the original release.  I would say this is more oriental forward than the regular Blackhouse is.

    Upon opening the tin I noticed an immediate "sour" smell to the tobacco, which when I first started with pipes I did not like but thanks to several McClelland blends I began to rather enjoy.  The tobacco needed no additional drying time for me, going straight from a newly purchased tin (sat on shelf for a week at house) into a Missouri Meerschaum Mark Twain, which has become one of my everyday pipes that I use (have several briars but found the cobs to be friendlier to my smoking environment). Rarely do I have to provide a relight during the smoking of this tobacco, and it almost always smokes down to a fine white ash in the cob.  The room note is rather intense, as is the original Blackhouse.  This has a spicier note to me than the original Blackhouse does.  I'm really looking forward towards getting some age on my tins, as the current tins of regular Blackhouse I am smoking are 4+ years old, and they really got better with the age.


    Price (USD): $13.49
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