This site


Was set up more as a test bed... I'm not currently active in the pipe smoking arena now (I'm more into astrophotography) so this site, as a forum, is going to be brought down and the license sold to a friend of mine. I may resurrect this site as a WordPress site or similar... or maybe even go with one of the free forum scripts to get more exposure to.

In the mean time my fellow briar fiends.. puff in peace!
Actually... thanks to Tracy, I am purchasing the site itself, with license and content as it exists now.
I am planning to extend the site into the area of cigars also. I enjoy both and there are not that many sites I have found that allow both to be addressed at one place.
Tracy had several add-ons enabled on this site that I don't currently have licenses for. Once I can get the funds together, they will be installed and configured again. The two first ones that I will be looking at working on purchasing are the one that was the link directory and then the reviews one. Later, if the site needs it, I will probably also get the classifieds one. These will be a slow process as I accumulate the necessary funds to purchase them.
I will warn in advance, Tracy ran the site free of ads and such. I will be looking at a process of monetizing the site to help support itself at the minimum. I do not currently know what that process will be, but whatever we go with will not be overly intrusive.
I am looking forward to making this site what people who enjoy both pipes and cigars can use to get together and learn more from each other.