Clays are nice - until they are not

Opus X

Puff Daddy
I love a well made clay pipe, but the cheaper made ones can be problematic.
I have found that they are usually not well fired and if you are a hot smoker, you will end up with them cracking.
I used to have several, but over time they all suffered from either cracking or being accidentally dropped. When I first started smoking them I did not really worry that much, as the ones I bought were never very expensive. But now, clay pipes have risen more in cost than even cobs have. A cheap German style that I used to pay around $4.50 for is now around $10.00. The corn cobs have only gone up around $2 over what I used to pay.
I do like the way the clay pipes smoke over a cob. The cob adds some sweetness to the smoke that the clay does not.