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  • Peterson Thinking Man lighter

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    • Where purchased: Pipes & Cigars Price: 107.99 Online purchase?: Yes

    I've been using either a Bic lighter or a Zippo with a pipe insert since I started smoking pipes a few weeks ago.

    The Bic's were OK, but you could burn your fingers if you were not careful.  The Zippo worked well, but you do have to wait a few seconds before applying the flame unless you want the taste of the lighter fluid to impact you.


    I'd been debating on getting a new soft flame lighter specific to pipes.  I had narrowed it down to the IM Corona Old Boy or a Peterson Thinking Man.  After doing some reading I figured I didn't need the built in tamper since I carry one in my pocket or in my vehicle all the time.  I also wanted a larger fuel reserve.

    Based upon that and some issues I have read with the Old Boy springs wearing out on the cover and the fact that the Peterson uses a magnet, I decided to go with the Peterson lighter.

    I priced around and found that the price from Pipes & Cigars were comparable to anywhere else (including eBay) so, since I already regularly purchase other items from them I decided to go with them as the vendor.


    I placed an online order for a satin Thinking Man.  The lighter came in today and upon removing it from the box I was impressed with how solid the lighter felt.  It has a very comfortable feel in my hand, fitting very well.

    The cover over the flame jet has very little play in it and the flint hold is fairly solidly placed (again, VERY little play in it).  The finish on the lighter is top-notch with no abrasions (yet) and a was very even in appearance.  The emblem on the front is subdued but classy in appearance, not detracting from the lines of the lighter.


    I filled the lighter with some of my Xikar PuroFine butane that I had for my Xikars that are triple jet cigar lighters.  After about a 5 second shot of butane, I let the lighter reach room temperature and struck the igniter.  Nice even soft flame.  And it does work better for lighting my pipes than either the Zippo or the Bick.

    I am very pleased with the lighter and would purchase it again in a second if I lost this one.


    The Zippos (have 1 on hand and 2 coming back from Zippo with the pipe inserts intalled) will be spare lighters or kept in my vehicle for "emergency" use. 


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