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My wife and a friend went to the Canton First Monday sale (a large flea market near us).

Asked her to be on the lookout for any pipes that may be out there.

She found an HIS and some other pipes (she wasn't real clear on the brands) and I told her to go ahead and get them.


She called back later and said she'd just purchased 20-25 pipes for $100.  She said one of them was a Peterson.  This is the photo she sent me of the pipes she got (kills me to see them thrown in a box like that but nothing that some TLC won't fix.






Now, I can't wait for them to get home and me see exactly what I have.  Gotta go get some grain alcohol to do some cleaning with.

More & better photos will becoming to the thread when the pipes arrive at their new home!

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Well, started sanitizing the pipes.  Got the Peterson done first and am sitting enjoying it right now.  Much cooler smoke than the Dr. Grabow Duke I had to experiment with to see if I liked them better than cigars.

To do the finishing right, I'm going to need to get a buffing wheel to finish them out with and find some carnuba wax.

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OK, more info on the Peterson.  I "think" it's a 999 Rhodesian.




On the left side of the stem it has some words are are almost impossible to read but I'm thinking it may be Killarney.




The more I looked at it, the more it looked like the numbers were 998 - but they are hard to read from pipe being used and the numbers being rubbed down so it may be 999.

Above the numbers it appears to say "A Petersons product" and below that "Made in Ireland" and then the number offset to the right and below Ireland.




The stem appears to be a P-Lip but it has a K on the base of it.




From the little research I've done, it does appear that it's a Peterson pipe.


One thing for sure.. it sure does smoke nice!  

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