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Pipes & Cigars MM stem replacements

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Recently I purchased a new Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman corn cob from Pipes & Cigars.  At the same time I purchased the pipe I purchased a few extra stems since I have a tendency to clench and dent the cheap acrylic stems real bad and eventually wear a hole in them.

Imagine my surprise when this happened and I went to replace the stem with one of the spares that I purchased that was supposed (notice this word) to fit.

The base of the stem was substantially bigger on all the spare stems that I purchased and they would not fit ANY of the Missouri Meerschaum corn cobs I owned.

In the past I have purchased spare stems from them and they fit fine.  Apparently the batch they had when I placed the order only fit limited corn cobs, or didn't actually fit any at all.  I didn't contact them to complain other than leave a bad review on the site as due to the cost of the stems it wasn't worth spending the time dealing directly with them or the cost of getting replacements shipped.


I've got a feeling for the Meerschaum Country Gentleman and the Mark Twain cobs that I typically buy you need to choose their slim line stems instead of the regular stems.

I'm currently placing a new order for some more Larry's Blend and their Sutliff Balkan II so I've ordered a few of the slim stems along with a new Mark Twain cob.  We'll see if it works.


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