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Microsoft Hotmail/Outlook/Live email accounts

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If you have an address with Microsoft then currently you will not be receiving any emails. The new VPS I am on with Digital Ocean's IP address apparently in a blocked list of theirs. I've got a submission to whitelist this sites IP address from the block list, but I don't know how successful it will be. They are rather problematic on smaller email hosting platforms, blocking them frequently. They would much prefer that all their inbound email come through a partner program that they have, but that costs several hundred a year and being a hobby site and having multiple domains it would be overly expensive.

It appears that the Gmail accounts go fine, so if you happen to have a gmail account, I'd suggest using it.

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We are still trying to resolve the blocking of our outbound email by Microsoft.  They had responded that it was not being blocked but a test showed that it still was.  I have submitted a second ticket with them. 


In the mean time, if you desire to register with the site, you will have to use another email address (gmail is free also).

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