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McClelland Frog Morton gone

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Tracy    1

Well, looks like another couple of favorites have bit the dust.   Apparently McClelland has discontinued their Frog Morton line.
From some reading this apparently has something to do with Syrian Latakia being so hard to get (if nigh on impossible) now of good quality - and that's a large part of the blends of this tobacco line.  So, if you like this line and you come across some you had better grab all you can afford as you will not be seeing it again in the near future.

It also looks like this may have effected more of the McClelland lines of tobacco... so get it while you can.  Luckily I have some bulk that I got for blending that will last me a bit.

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Tracy    1

I've been doing some additional hunting on line for some of the McClelland blends I like and it appears that all the online shops I use (and some I haven't) are all out of stock.  So it does look like the entire McClelland line is effected.  If there are any of their blending tobaccos or blends that you like and can find in stock, I would HIGHLY suggest you grab all you can afford immediately.

I was wanting to grab some more 5110 Dark English, but I can't find it anywhere currently.  I like to blend it 5 ounces of it with 1 ounce of perique.  But looks like the little I have will be what I have from now on!  :arghh:

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