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Drying out the aros

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I have just recently started smoking the pipe on a pretty consistent basis, at first I was just removing tobacco from the pouch and smoking it; leading to what I believe was burning the tobacco too hot, or even scorching it. Lots of tongue bite nonetheless.

When you have some tobacco out to dry, is anyone putting considerable weight on top of the paper towel and tobacco? Are you "pressing" the moisture out?? I am interested in what would be the most appropriate way to accomplish this, whether it's a lot of pressure or just enough to keep the paper towel from blowing off the top.

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Nope, simply place it on a paper towel for however long you find that you prefer.  Do not press the tobacco.  I do not cover the tobacco but simply place it on top of 2 layers of the towel.

Heck, with my English blends I simply leave it in a smaller jar with the lid off and every now and then put the lid back on and shake it up to distribute the top tobacco through it and then when it reaches the point I like I put the top back on.

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