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Vacuum sealing jars for tobacco storage

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If you decide to do this, use hot tap water, but do NOT do it in the sink like a lot of sites recommend.  They advise you to fill the sink up to the level of the tobacco and let it site for 15 minute.  Guess what, the jars are NOT stable in that much water and the slightest movement will cause them to tip and you end up with this.




For size comparison, the white items are large kitchen trash bags.

The top is Mac Baren 7 Seas Royal (around 2lbs worth).  The bottom is my Peterson Connoisseur's Choice (about 4lbs worth). 

The jars started tipping over and before I could get them out they had quite a bit of water in them.  I'm hoping that air drying them will recover them, but since the water was hot it leached a lot of the nicotine (and probably flavor) out of it.  About $500 worth of tobacco probably ruined.  Well, live and learn.


Next time I'll purchase a canner container and place the hot water into it and then the jars into the insert to heat them up and seal while the tobacco is in it. 

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Well, there was a silver lining.  The tobacco did not get that wet and the Peterson's actually smokes better than the "fresh" stuff does. :happy:

Haven't tried the Mac Baren yet, but it looks promising so far.

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