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Zippo Lighter pipe insert replacement

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I've had some old Zippo's around the house that belonged to my Dad.  I recently purchased a new Zippo after getting into the pipe scene from Amazon that had the pipe insert in it and really liked it (then I upgraded to a Peterson Walking Man, but that's another story).

I contacted Zippo via email and asked how to go about getting the pipe inserts for my Dad's old Zippo's.  They responded and with the information to just send them back in to their repair center and with notation that I was wanting pipe inserts and they would replace them and if I wanted to keep the old inserts to make note of that.  

For others that may be interested, the repair center address is

Zippo Repair Clinic
1932 Zippo Drive
Bradford PA  16701

The repair form is available from here.

Well, since we are talking about "one of a kind" lighters that belonged to my deceased father, I wasn't willing to take a chance on losing them in the mail.  So, off I go to WalMart to purchase two cheaper Zippo lighters from there to use.
Once I got those lighters, I packaged them up and sent them off to Zippo with their completed repair slip.  I received an email from them a few days later acknowledging receipt of the package and advising me that they were being worked on.  About two weeks later I got another email letting me know that they were finished and being shipped back to me.


I received the lighters in a few days after that.  One issue I had with their return package is it was a padded envelope, BUT the lighters and the two original inserts were just placed inside of it with NO additional padding, so the finishes on the new lighters (and I mean NEW, as in never used) were scratched. Needless to say, when I packed them to ship TO them, each lighter was individually wrapped to prevent any contact with each other. 
I am a little disappointed that brand new lighters are now "damaged" simply due to bad packaging on their point - but I do have to off-set that with the fact that the original inserts were replaced with pipe inserts for free and the original inserts returned.  But it DOES reinforce why I didn't want to send my Dad's original Zippo's to them.



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