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Il Ceppo inbound

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After smoking cigars for a few years, I've decided to get back into pipes now that "I'm all growed up" as my father used to say.

Grabbed a cheap Dr. Grabow from the local shop (they don't have much of anything other than cheap cigars and chewing/dipping tobacco and cigarettes).

After figuring out that yes, I DO like a pipe I decided to go looking for a nice one.  Found an unsmoked Il Ceppo bent egg estate pipe that I liked the look of (yes, I'm attracted to the look of the pipe first).


In addition to the pipe, I've grabbed a tin of Lane 1-Q to see how it is compared to the Borkum Riff we can get locally.  Wanted to get some McClelland Frog Morton also, but it's on back order from the vendor I'm getting the pipe from, so I guess I'll wait to grab some later.  It's really a pain in the arse having to do most of your stuff via mail order because your town doesn't have a good tobacco shop.  But, we do what we gotta do.


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