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The official PAD thread

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I've read a little about Nording pipes but never have seen one in person - but that's not that abnormal since I'm just now getting back into pipe smoking after leaving in the late 80's.

Was perusing eBay estate pipes and came across a Nording in the style I'm partial to and really liked the looks of it.  Put a max bid in of $35 and ended up winning it for $34.

I'm hoping it's as nice of a pipe as it looks to be.  It's a "lightly used" one.



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Well, found one I liked.  The newer ones all have a dark finish and I'm partial to a lighter finish.  Found a few 1970's era 999's on eBay being sold by an individual in Germany.  They were listed as new old stock.  Found one I liked and went ahead and did a buy it now since it's fairly close to the price of the newer ones (actually a little cheaper from what I saw).


I'll get  my grubby little paws on it around the middle of October it looks like.






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Yes, I admit - I like the Rhodesian style pipes.

I happened to be browsing Pipes & Cigars in their estate pipe area and came across a Ser Jacopo Rhodesian estate pipe.


Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 10.58.19 AM.png


I had been looking at the Ser Jacopo's on eBay trying to catch one at a decent price, but every time I thought I was going to score, someone would kick the price up to more than I was willing to pay.  Once I saw this beauty, I knew I had to have it - so immediately ordered it.  Came in and the photo of it does NOT do it justice.

Feels great in the hand - but now I don't want to smoke it, she's so pretty!

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Well, here are my two latest acquisitions. 




The top one is a sterling silver bulldog 150 that I picked up on eBay for $79 (new old stock)

The bottom one is a "new old stock" 1982 bent bulldog 504 925 sterling band with P-Lip that I grabbed on eBay for $195.

I wanted the 504 mainly because that was the year that I graduated high school. :ani-grin:


The 504 can use a 6mm filter and included a 6mm adapter to allow you to smoke it without one.


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Just got 3 pipes in that I got from eBay.  


These are the two partial rustic Calabresi pipes purchased from user rnatreasures.

This is the first one







And this is the second one





I had ordered a Thomas Cristiano pipe from him, but the one I wanted was no longer available and he offered several other pipes as an option.  
I chose the below pipe, which turns out to be a Thomas Cristiano Cristom broider - apparently a very limited run pipe that was a level above the Signature series.

The pipe feels GREAT in the hand and is lightweight.  I'm tempted to make it into a "closet queen" but the "smoke me" voice keeps yelling at me!

I also ordered two more Thomas Cristiano Signature pipes and am awaiting their delivery.

This pipe does not have a filter (my preferred pipe) but the other two are 9mm filtered.






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Well, decided to ring out the new year with a new PAD purchase. Been eyeballing this GBD on eBay for a while... and temptation just got to be to much.  So, in honor of the outgoing year that I got back into pipes, I gifted myself with a GBD Bronze Velvet 1345.

It is an estate pipe that has been refinished but is very nice looking and a style that I've been wanting for a while. I hope it smokes as good as it looks.





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