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UK Tobacco purchase issues

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If you live in the US, and have a "hankering" for tobacco lines from the UK then you may have found that can't order online from the UK using a credit card.  Apparently the credit card processors there prohibit the sales/shipping (using their supported credit card) to the US. This eliminates some of the UK only brands/lines being available to the US market.


In addition to that, I've found that the prices that they have to pay for a 50g container of tobacco to be MUCH higher than what we pay here in the US. Just looking at a few sites over there it appears that tobacco's we pay around $3.50 an ounce for they are paying $7.76 for an equivalent amount. 

A further example... a package of Borkum Riff Ruby Cavendish that I pay (if I deign to buy any) $5.27 locally goes for roughly $15.87 in the UK.
I have to assume that a lot of the difference is in taxes that are added to it.


For our UK folks, do you have the same issues purchasing tobacco products from a US vendor?

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It dosnt pay for us to buy tobacco from the states, we have shipping (very high) then import duty and tobacco tax and finally a admin fee! So it works out extremely expensive to get it from the states.


On another note...I might be able to get tobacco for you, I will look into seeing if we can order from the UK and get it sent over to you, then you just paypal the money to me (after you get the tobacco).

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I've found a source for some of the English blends. :ani-grin: 

Have a long term admin friend over there that has offered to purchase it for me and ship it if/when I decide I want any.  Thanks for the offer!

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