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Hoard much, do we?

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Not I, said the site owner.  :happy:

Think I need some more storage shelving.  This is a spare bedroom that we set up for when I worked night shift, so very little daylight gets in it.  It's also got a direct close run off the HVAC unit, so it stays cool in the summer and we shut the vent off in the winter. 



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After trying this Lane Black Raspberry, I'm going to be ordering at least 1lb more of it to place in some jars.  Some of the others I have there will either be used up and replaced with some of the ones I've found I really like, or I'll let them age for a while and come back and re-visit them in 6 months to a year.

I've got another 5 pounds coming in tomorrow (you can see one of the empty labeled quart jars waiting on it's arrival). :tongue.emoji:

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3 hours ago, Johnny101 said:

 How long does tobacco stay good for ?

If using a good mason jar (I use the Ball brand) easily a year or so, depending on how stored.  If you do a "vacuum seal" on them (heat the jar up then put the tobacco in) then it can store many years.  Some people have stored it as long as 10-15 years (dependent on whether an aromatic or not).

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