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AristoCob pipe

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My wife picked one of these up in a mass buy of a container of pipes at a flea market.  When I was looking at them and took it apart, I noticed the insert in it looked surprisingly like a corn cob pipe.  Turns out that is exactly what it was.




Kind of a unique pipe in that you get the benefits of a cob, but the looks of something more modern.  From reading the history of it, the design was due to the fact that some people felt it was "country" to be seen in the big city smoking a cob, that it didn't fit in.  So, 


The cob inserts are almost impossible to find, and you have to make sure you get the correct type as there were two styles of them.  The pipe I have is one of the original styles.  The newer ones were held in with a screw on the bottom.  You can sometimes find these inserts on eBay.  Factory replacements (new) are non-existent since the equipment to manufacture them went offline in 1983.

There is a definite design difference between the original cob inserts and the Mark II cob inserts (the newer version of the AristoCob.

These are what the Original versions should look like.


Three Aristocob liners.jpg


Notice the solid bottom and the metal insert.


The Mark II's are different.




Notice the large opening in the bottom.  You will frequently find an original AristoCob being sold with the Mark II inserts.  They will NOT work.


There is a company that is making briar inserts to bring life back to these pipes.  The company is Owl Pipes.  The briar inserts are $24.99  each (you can get 2 for $39.99).  The only problem is you lose the benefit of the cob.  


I'm scanning eBay to pick up some of the original cob inserts.  If I can get 2 boxes, I'll recondition the pipe and try it and if I like it keep it, otherwise I'll sanitize and clean it and put it up for sale here once I get the classifieds section installed.

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