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Peterson Thinking Man pipe lighter

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Tracy    1

I've been using a Bic lighter or my trusty Zippo with the Zippo pipe insert (and the black can fuel).

Was used to nice Xikar triple flame lighter for my cigars, but it's a "little" hot for using with a pipe.


Was looking at the IM Corona Old Boy lighter and the Peterson Thinking Man.  Read several comments about the Old Boy having an issue with a spring giving out that controls the flame cover but that it was a nice lighter.  Others have commented on the nice feature of the larger tank of the Thinking Man and the fact that it has a magnetic cover.  I didn't need the built in tool of the Old Boy as I carry a tamper in my pocket so the idea of a larger tank was a nice bonus on the Peterson.


I ended up ordering a Thinking Man in satin finish.  Can't wait for it to come in.  Even with the better fuel, I'll sometimes get a quick "taste" of the lighter fuel with the Zippo when first lighting up and upon any relights.  Takes away from the flavor for a short time.  So hopefully the butane lighter will resolve that.



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Tracy    1

Well, after having the pipe for about 1.5 years I noticed I have started losing butane from it.  Traced it down to the cover over the jets being loose (weakened spring?) and allow it to raise up and the butane to leak out. 

The way I noticed it was I flipped the lid down after using it and still had a jet of flame coming out of it.  :bored:


Sent an email off to Peterson (in Ireland) and got a very fast response asking me for a shipping address and the style of the lighter.  The email advised that once they received that info they would be shipping a replacement lighter to me, but to expect it to take a little longer since it was coming out of Ireland. 
I received an email on 11/15 confirming shipping with a tracking number (that I can't get to work), so now am awaiting to see if they come through or not.

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