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  2. Tracy

    Duhill Standard Mixture

    I recently got a few tins of this tobacco in. This is the first Dunhill tobacco that I'm honestly not impressed with. It's a very weak tobacco on flavor profile even though it is marketed as a medium blend and the smoke generated leaves an acrid room odor after smoking. It would probably be fine for an outside early morning smoke, which is what I'll be using it for, but there are better blends out there from them in my opinion.
  3. Tracy

    John Cotton's Smyrna

    Recently P&C had this tobacco on sale and I picked up a few tins of it. Opened the first tin just the other day and I'm really enjoying it. It's got a unique flavor profile that I can't really describe, but it's a nice English blend.
  4. Tracy

    Blends of the past

    I'm noticing some of the old standbys are becoming hard to get. I have to wonder if it's 'because of a tobacco supply issue or if the blender has discontinued those blends. What blends of the past do you miss, and if they have been brought back, are the new versions as good as the old?
  5. Well, I've figured I like NightCap and MM 965 so well I'd try a few other blends from them out, especially since Pipes & Cigars had their tins on sale. I've got 3 tins each of Dunhill Standard Mixture Medium, Dunhill The Aperitif, Dunhill Durbar Mixture (which I like and was low on), and Dunhill London Mixture coming in from them... All are English blends, which are my current preference. I'm hoping that I like them as well as I have Dunhill's other blends.
  6. Pipes & Cigars is offering 15% off pipes with coupon code PIPEDREAM
  7. Tracy

    Captain Black on sale

    Pipes & Cigars is currently having a 3 day sale on Captain Black. You can get a pound of it for $25. This sale ends at 11:59PM on 05/27/2018. So if you are a CB fan, now would be a good time to stock up.
  8. Tracy

    Air Purifiers

    The manufacturer is located here. The actual one I was looking at (no longer needed since the blends I'm smoking she doesn't mind) is here. The neat thing about them is they are also "art" as well as functional.
  9. Ruby

    Air Purifiers

    Do you have a link to this Air purifier Tracy?
  10. Tracy

    Pipe & Cigars

    Here it is almost a year and a half later and I STILL regularly do business with P&C. One of the only problems I have is when they run a bulk sale they typically run out of what I want to get before I get a chance to order it. ?
  11. Tracy

    Peterson Thinking Man pipe lighter

    If you use the black can Zippo fuel it helps a lot with it. Simply light and by the time you start to light it's mostly gone... but butane for inside use is hard to beat. For outside I'll stick with the Zippo.
  12. Ruby

    Peterson Thinking Man pipe lighter

    I noticed the same thing with my Zippo pipe lighter. Two things I do to curb that from happening is hold the lighter at a 75-80 degree angle and I don’t fill the Zippo all the way up I only fill it about 2/3 full if that.
  13. A good sweet iced tea is good with aromatics.
  14. Really depends on whether I'm on an aromatic or an English blend. The English blends I'll typically grab a Shiner Bock of some type. Usually with the aromatics I'm drinking something with sugar in it like a soft drink.
  15. I tend to lean more to a beer when I smoke some that I drink are Fat Tire Ale, Sam Adams or Angry Orchard.
  16. Tracy


    I've become really fond of the MO Meerschaum Little Devil Cutty pipes. I get them at P&C and they are a great size for yard work or when cooking on the pit.
  17. Tracy


    Luckily I haven't broken one of my expensive ones... well, one meerschaum, but it was only around $60. My Ser Jacopo gets smoked at home. I use my cobs for when I'm doing yard work or any manual labor.
  18. Ruby


    I’d be pist if I broke my savinelli pipes again.
  19. Tracy


    They are definitely a good all-around work pipe. If something happens to them it's not like you broke a Ser Jacopo. ?
  20. Ruby


    I tend to buy a bag of seconds from Missouri Meerschaum a few times a year.
  21. Tracy

    McClelland Frog Morton gone

    There is already a lot of "speculation" going on eBay with the FMC cans. Tobacco is not supposed to be sold there but they are doing it in the "collectible tins" area and I guess eBay hasn't caught on that they actually contain tobacco. A 100gr tin of FMC that went for around $16 is now $75 at one place that apparently has it in stock.. To me, that's gouging, but it is good economic sense from the stance of the company. The same company had a tin of FM On The Town from 2006 (unopened) that they apparently sold for $180.00.
  22. Ruby

    McClelland Frog Morton gone

    They will be worth money now.
  23. Tracy

    McClelland Frog Morton gone

    I hated the vinegar smell it had when you first opened it from the casing. Once it aired out it was nice. I have 2 tins of McClellands 2016 & 2017 Christmas blends... need to open one of them, but heck they may become "collectibles". ?
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