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  2. McClelland hunt

    OK... here's the thread to list where you may have been lucky enough to snatch up any of the McClelland lines of tobacco since all appear to be discontinued. Time to help out your fellow lovers of the leaf!
  3. McClelland Frog Morton gone

    I've been doing some additional hunting on line for some of the McClelland blends I like and it appears that all the online shops I use (and some I haven't) are all out of stock. So it does look like the entire McClelland line is effected. If there are any of their blending tobaccos or blends that you like and can find in stock, I would HIGHLY suggest you grab all you can afford immediately. I was wanting to grab some more 5110 Dark English, but I can't find it anywhere currently. I like to blend it 5 ounces of it with 1 ounce of perique. But looks like the little I have will be what I have from now on!
  4. Well, looks like another couple of favorites have bit the dust. Apparently McClelland has discontinued their Frog Morton line. From some reading this apparently has something to do with Syrian Latakia being so hard to get (if nigh on impossible) now of good quality - and that's a large part of the blends of this tobacco line. So, if you like this line and you come across some you had better grab all you can afford as you will not be seeing it again in the near future. It also looks like this may have effected more of the McClelland lines of tobacco... so get it while you can. Luckily I have some bulk that I got for blending that will last me a bit.
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  7. McClelland 5100 Red Cake

    It's official. Mike McNeil, the mastermind behind McClelland Tobacco will no longer be producing 5100 Red Cake. Apparently the quality of the leaf that he has been getting is not up to his quality standards and the company has decided to discontinue production of this blend. 5100 is also used in several other blends that they produce, so this will effect them also. In addition, many tobacco aficionado's will use this tobacco to blend their own custom blends. So, if this is a favorite of anyone, it's time to stock up on it now before it's all gone.
  8. Aromatics vs English blends

    Back to rocking Dunhill 965 right now. Purchased 3 lbs recently and packed it into 1 1/2 pint mason jars. Dunhill has been one of the most consistent smokes I've purchased.
  9. Peterson Thinking Man pipe lighter

    Got a notice last Friday that I had missed a parcel that required signature and that it would be available for pickup today at the local Post Office. Went by this morning and picked up the parcel and it was a brand new lighter from Petersons with a nice little thank you note inside. No request to send the old one back in (and I only wanted it repaired not replaced honestly). I've got to say, this was WAY beyond what I expected from them and just makes my decision to go with them validated.
  10. Hoard much, do we?

    I've added a bit more English blends to the mix and reducing (through attrition) the aromatics.
  11. Aromatics vs English blends

    I just ordered 2 pounds of Balkan Supreme in from Pipes & Cigars. They don't have a "brand" on it other than calling it Balkan Supreme so I don't know if it's a house blend (which most of their house blends are pretty good) or if it's one of the other major blenders. Since it shows to originate in Denmark, I'm leaning towards it being Peter Stokkebye's blend. What I do know is that I liked the smaller amount I got when I first started smoking pipes, but was more into aromatics then. Decided since I was picking up 3 pounds of Dunhill MM 965 I'd grab some other blend that I liked. I was going to grab some McClelland 925 but it was on backorder. So was the McClelland #5110 and McClelland blending perique that I was looking to pick up (blend these last to at a 1 to 5 mix rate and it's similar to Frog Morton). I really wish they had some of the McClelland in stock, but if they had it, then I wouldn't have room on the shelving for any more than I got now. Guess I could always stick it in the closet.
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  13. Classifieds System

    The correct area will now show For Sale/Trade/Wanted instead of Classifieds.
  14. Best Balkan

    What is your favorite current release Balkan style tobacco? I'm bouncing between H&H WhiteKnight and Blackhouse. I've discovered that I like aspects of both and at different times lean more towards on than the other, but they are both a solid choice for me. What others have you found that are really "tasty"?
  15. AKB Meerschaum inbound

    And the pipe in the bottom photo above already has a crack in the shank. Not sure how it happened as I'm very particular about cleaning and never "bump" the pipe on anything.
  16. Aromatics vs English blends

    The Frog Mortons are technically a cross-over blend, not really a "full" English, but they are classified as such. Some people refer to them as an English blend with training wheels. I personally prefer two of the line. I really like the Frog Morton OTT and the original. They have a slight sweetness to them that Balkan blends don't have. An ARO smoker will not notice it as much as someone who primarily smokes the English lines. The one I would think comes closest to the Balkan lines is the On the Bayou, but I haven't tried it.
  17. Down time

    In the near future (around the first of July) I'll be transitioning the forum from a dedicated server over to a VPS. There will be a period of being offline but we will have the forum back online within the first week of July if everything goes well.
  18. Cobs

    I've gotten where I keep a couple of cobs just in case someone wants to try out smoking a pipe. I break them in using a stem off one of my "common" ones that I smoke and that way they have a fresh stem on them but none of the burn in that has to be done.
  19. Cobs

    Dollar for dollar it's tough to beat a good MM cob. They smoke smooth, dry , cool and sweet. They are surprisingly durable and inexpensive. Even Mark Twain loved them ! But there are also times and perhaps blends that call out for a fine, well broken in briar. The essence of pipe smoking is the varieties of available pleasures to be experienced and enjoyed ?
  20. Aromatics vs English blends

    Gotta try the Frog Morton line. Which one do you prefer? Which one would you say is the most Balkan?
  21. Hearth & Homes WhiteKnight

    Yeah, cerebus is also on my short list. ?
  22. Hearth & Homes WhiteKnight

    Picked up a few tins of H&H Cerberus. It's noticeably stronger in it's "kick" than the Whiteknight or Blackhouse is. When I talk about kick, I'm referring more to the spiciness of it. It is NOT something that is a morning smoke but more evening/night smoke (end of the day type) unless you are really into the hard stuff early in the morning. Many would probably consider it more a outside type tobacco than inside since it has a VERY distinct room note that one either likes or hates. It has Dark Fired Kentucky, Latakia, Oriental,Perique, Turkish, and Virginia tobaccos in it. All in all, I'm fond of most of the marquee line from H&H.
  23. Aromatics vs English blends

    I suspect many pipe smokers follow this pattern. Like myself, they start with aros and run through the usual suspects: The captain, 1Q, etc. and then dabble with more expensive tinned aros like Molto Dolce and the like. Seeking variety led me, strangely enough to burley as I heard about the many simple pleasures to be found in Carter Hall and Prince Albert smoked in a cob with good coffee. And I thoroughly enjoyed this experience as well. Then seeking something new I ordered a tin of Balkan Sasieni as I was fascinated by the concept of Balkan blends and had a bad experience previously with some Lat bomb of an English that had made me gun shy for some time. ? I discovered that Latakia can be delightful when employed as a condiment - complimenting tangy oriental leaf and sweet grassy Virginias. So now I'm all in with the Balkan blends and for now almost exclusively smoking my briars again. Lol. Recently I tried to revisit my cob and burley period and could not for the life of me figure out what I had enjoyed so much ! Lol. Don't get me wrong, I still also enjoy my cobs but it seems that these Balkan blends really do shine in my Savinellis. ☺️ Methinks that is the wonderful thing about pipe smoking - we learn by experience that our tastes change and that everybody's taste / palette is different and uniquely their own. We learn to honor individuality and our own processes.
  24. Hearth & Homes WhiteKnight

    I, too, like White Knight very much. Just got tin of Black House that I haven't opened yet. Love Balkan blends like Balkan Sasieni which is probably the best value imho.
  25. Cobs

    Considering that most cobs are a few dollars each, they are definitely a "work" type pipe. In fact, the stems on them will give out long before the cob does for some people (those that clench a lot). I've found that each type pipe imparts a certain "mystique" to the smoke. For some of my aromatics I MUCH prefer a well broken in briar. For some of the English I much prefer the meer. But then there are some of the aro's that do better (for me) in the meer and some English in the briar. You have to play around with them and find what is best. Almost all of my tobacco's do well in the cob, but funnily I hardly use it any longer.
  26. Delicate?

    Most of the German made (if done in authentic style) are supposed to be pretty sturdy. The newer cheap pressed ones aren't as stout from what I understand. I imagine that they are similar to meer's in their impact on the flavors of the tobacco. May end up getting one or two just to try.
  27. Cobs

    I am getting to where when I'm in a hurry but want to smoke, I grab a 6mm filter and one of my 4 cob pipes. I really like the smoke I get from the cobs. Very good and consistent; my briars do not share the consistency. Plus I find myself doing things where I would feel better accidentally dropping a cob, vs any of my briars. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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