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  3. I've gotten where I keep a couple of cobs just in case someone wants to try out smoking a pipe. I break them in using a stem off one of my "common" ones that I smoke and that way they have a fresh stem on them but none of the burn in that has to be done.
  4. Dollar for dollar it's tough to beat a good MM cob. They smoke smooth, dry , cool and sweet. They are surprisingly durable and inexpensive. Even Mark Twain loved them ! But there are also times and perhaps blends that call out for a fine, well broken in briar. The essence of pipe smoking is the varieties of available pleasures to be experienced and enjoyed 😊
  5. Gotta try the Frog Morton line. Which one do you prefer? Which one would you say is the most Balkan?
  6. Yeah, cerebus is also on my short list. 👍
  7. Picked up a few tins of H&H Cerberus. It's noticeably stronger in it's "kick" than the Whiteknight or Blackhouse is. When I talk about kick, I'm referring more to the spiciness of it. It is NOT something that is a morning smoke but more evening/night smoke (end of the day type) unless you are really into the hard stuff early in the morning. Many would probably consider it more a outside type tobacco than inside since it has a VERY distinct room note that one either likes or hates. It has Dark Fired Kentucky, Latakia, Oriental,Perique, Turkish, and Virginia tobaccos in it. All in all, I'm fond of most of the marquee line from H&H.
  8. I suspect many pipe smokers follow this pattern. Like myself, they start with aros and run through the usual suspects: The captain, 1Q, etc. and then dabble with more expensive tinned aros like Molto Dolce and the like. Seeking variety led me, strangely enough to burley as I heard about the many simple pleasures to be found in Carter Hall and Prince Albert smoked in a cob with good coffee. And I thoroughly enjoyed this experience as well. Then seeking something new I ordered a tin of Balkan Sasieni as I was fascinated by the concept of Balkan blends and had a bad experience previously with some Lat bomb of an English that had made me gun shy for some time. 😳 I discovered that Latakia can be delightful when employed as a condiment - complimenting tangy oriental leaf and sweet grassy Virginias. So now I'm all in with the Balkan blends and for now almost exclusively smoking my briars again. Lol. Recently I tried to revisit my cob and burley period and could not for the life of me figure out what I had enjoyed so much ! Lol. Don't get me wrong, I still also enjoy my cobs but it seems that these Balkan blends really do shine in my Savinellis. ☺️ Methinks that is the wonderful thing about pipe smoking - we learn by experience that our tastes change and that everybody's taste / palette is different and uniquely their own. We learn to honor individuality and our own processes.
  9. I, too, like White Knight very much. Just got tin of Black House that I haven't opened yet. Love Balkan blends like Balkan Sasieni which is probably the best value imho.
  10. Considering that most cobs are a few dollars each, they are definitely a "work" type pipe. In fact, the stems on them will give out long before the cob does for some people (those that clench a lot). I've found that each type pipe imparts a certain "mystique" to the smoke. For some of my aromatics I MUCH prefer a well broken in briar. For some of the English I much prefer the meer. But then there are some of the aro's that do better (for me) in the meer and some English in the briar. You have to play around with them and find what is best. Almost all of my tobacco's do well in the cob, but funnily I hardly use it any longer.
  11. Most of the German made (if done in authentic style) are supposed to be pretty sturdy. The newer cheap pressed ones aren't as stout from what I understand. I imagine that they are similar to meer's in their impact on the flavors of the tobacco. May end up getting one or two just to try.
  12. I am getting to where when I'm in a hurry but want to smoke, I grab a 6mm filter and one of my 4 cob pipes. I really like the smoke I get from the cobs. Very good and consistent; my briars do not share the consistency. Plus I find myself doing things where I would feel better accidentally dropping a cob, vs any of my briars. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I had a German clay churchwarden I got a while back. It smoked cool, but I held it by the bowl; I felt that clenching, the stem would not be sufficient to hold a bowl with tobacco. I might have been mistaken, but I was nonetheless fearful. It did break, before I had smoked it a dozen times or so. I know the stem did break, but I can't remember how. It sure was a cool smoke though. My experience is the meers may be a bit more fickle. My last meer will not fit correctly in the case. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Greater Kansas City Pipe Club invites you to its 18th annual Pipe & Tobacco Expo to be held at the Elegant 5 Star Argosy Hotel Spa & Casino in Riverside, MO. OUR PIPE SHOW FEATURES: A smoking tent located in a enclosed courtyard. Exhibit Hall w/covered smoking Balcony overlooking Missouri River. Friday Night Social Get-Together. Pipe Smoking Contest (Under CIPC Rules) - Pipe Care and Refurbishing Clinic - Silent Auction 8TH Annual CARVING CONTEST 2017 SHOW FACILITIES Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa 777 N. Argosy Parkway Riverside, MO 64150 Room Reservations: $139 Phone : (800) 270-7711 Mention the Greater KC Pipe Club Block SHOW RESERVATIONS - Vendors & Attendees Make on-line reservations at www.gkcpipeclub.com
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    Mention the NASPC Pipe Show for a special rate of $112. Exit 17A off 270 onto 161. Turn right onto Frantz Rd. Second light is Metro Place North. Dealer Tables, Individuals, Smoke Shops, Pipe Makers. Browsing Encouraged! Bargains Abound! NASPC Fund-Raising raffle throughout the day. Dozens of great prizes, including many fine pipes! Tickets $1.00. Need not be present to win. If you’re interested in any aspect of pipe smoking, or pipe collecting, don’t miss this show! Come to shop or talk pipes, tobacco and accessories with friendly, knowledgeable people! Table Fees: $120.00. First come, first served. For show information and table reservations: Jeff Knoll, 614-306-6239, email: naspc@graphictouch.biz http://www.naspc.org Crowne Plaza Hotel 614-764-2200 or 866-372-5566
  16. Are the clay pipes as delicate as the name of the material would make them appear to be? I know Meer's are prone to damage when dropped, but I'd think clay would be even more sensitive to damage? Or is the material more like the clay sewer pipes in strength (those things are typically made like tank armor)?
  17. Pipes & Cigar currently has their Hearth & Home Marquee series on sale for $7.99 per tin. Not a bad price considering it's normally around $10.49 each. The current offer expires on 05/11/2017.
  18. I have hardly any sense of smell (both before during and after the smoking years). I always assumed that soihmetng was messed up in that area because I have very little sense of taste either (or too much depending on who you believe)
  19. I've gotten 10 more tins of this in and plan on ordering another 10 probably next month. Will also be grabbing some of the Blackhouse and maybe Magnum Opus... but I'm really liking the WhiteKnight.
  20. The cleaning can get to be a pain, but the flavor the pipes give makes it worth it.
  21. I only have one filtered pipe now, that Ratrays butcher boy. It's a good smoke, but I think I prefer this pipe over the others I have, mainly due to shape and not so much the filter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I've found that you can obtain some interesting (some in a not favorable way) of mixing existing blends into a custom blend for yourself. One of the ones I'm currently experimenting with (and enjoying) is mixing Lane Vanilla Black Cavendish with the Laney Black Raspberry. I'm still experimenting with the amounts, but so far it's been a pleasurable smoking experience for an aromatic. What are some other "home blends" that are a nice combination to try out?
  23. I like that the meerschaum pipe is no cake; I don't have to maintain the cake, and can give it a good clean so that I can go from aromatic to post-meal English blend with minimal taste interference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. I recently discovered that all of Hearth & Homes Marquee blends (Pipes & Cigars custom blends) will NOT be grandfathered in. So if you like stuff like WhiteKnight, Blackhouse, Mangum Opus, etc. then I would suggest at least stocking up on a few extra tins until it is discovered if they will submit them for testing. Since they are a pretty good seller for Pipes & Cigars I'd be willing to bet that they will, but it really depends on a cost/profit ratio. If they can't recover that cost over the first year or so they will either increase the price to do it or discontinue the sales of those blends. In either case, since I'm particularly fond of WhiteKnight, Blackhouse and Magnum Opus as well as the Larry's Blend that is sold (and custom blended in house) by Pipes & Cigars - so I'm planning on stocking up on at least 10 tins of each and a few more pounds of Larry's Blend bulk (over the 5 pounds I currently have).
  25. 2 factor authentication has been enabled on the board (and for some areas will be required to access them). To enable 2FA you simply select the down arrow by your name and then go to Account Settings Then select Account Security You will be prompted for your site password then shown the screen below. Select Enable You will then be presented with this screen. Use your phone camera to scan in the QR code and then input the associated code that the Google Authenticator app (or Authy) gives you in the box and verify it.
  26. Which is entirely possible.. you have to remember, the "incense" of my younger days are a LOT different than what is out now. We weren't as "protected" by the government. Just opened a new tin of Magnum Opus and about to load up a pipe with some. The tins I've gotten from Hearth & Home in the Marquee series have all pretty much been ready to smoke straight out of the tin - no real "drying" time required.
  27. Sandalwood is a pretty light and often sweet smell. Whitenight is an English blend, so this observation is interesting. None of the English I have tried have been anything remotely close to a sandalwood scent; of course unless the sandalwood i have smelled has been sourced much differently than what you have been around [emoji38] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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