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  2. Tracy

    Loose Stems

    I really hate it when the pipe stems get loose from use. I've got several now and have recently found that you can use bees wax to tighten up the slack in the stem. You can also use a thin coat of clear nail varnish. I had plenty of bees wax on hand (I melt lead pipe sheaths for ingots to be made into .50 caliber round ball). Tried this and it worked great on the 3 pipes I tried it on. I'll also be getting some nail varnish to try that with if the bees wax doesn't hold up for long.
  3. Tracy

    Duhill Standard Mixture

    I recently got a few tins of this tobacco in. This is the first Dunhill tobacco that I'm honestly not impressed with. It's a very weak tobacco on flavor profile even though it is marketed as a medium blend and the smoke generated leaves an acrid room odor after smoking. It would probably be fine for an outside early morning smoke, which is what I'll be using it for, but there are better blends out there from them in my opinion.
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